Into The Fold

I found Into the Fold within the first few weeks of joining Instagram and the awesome products they produce never fail to impress !! If I didn’t live in a ridiculously small home (92m2 with 5 humans and a dog) I would most certainly have a couple of their Floories hanging out in our home!  With prints that go with virtually any interior the Floories are weather proof and a huge 1mX1m.  The Fur Babies have my heart all a flutter as well !!


The Small Ones are devine also, the link to these have been sent through to my dearest as a hint for my next birthday !intothefold1

Now the Bedding which features the amazing designs of Australian artist, Lauren Webster they are 100% cotton sateen, 300 thread count and Oeko-Tex certified.   I am struggling with how very cool this range is – another fabulous small business doing rad things – good stuff ‘Into The Fold’ you rock.intothefold7


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