Figgy and Co


Chemical Free Cleaning.

I don’t write Blog posts usually so go easy on me team ! I only do the swift round up of my favourite things type post so bear with me x

I have always been a closet hippy…….well maybe not always a closet one (cue me with dreadlocks dancing around fire pits!).

Certain things have always hit me with passion – and Chemicals being sprayed on our crops as they grow FEELS very wrong to me, ingesting chemicals IS wrong hence feeling it is bad for us, because it is !!

And Cleaning is no exception.  I was going to say ‘Traditionally we use chemical filled sprays’ But that would be incorrect – we have actually gone from using natural products to clean our homes and dishes and eating surfaces to using products heavily laden with chemicals.  This has always felt very wrong to me so I have been using the more ‘eco’ friendly versions of things that I can find for the last 13 years since I had my first child Lily.  But they are actually STILL laden with harmful chemicals (and they are actually causing us harm!).  I contacted Figgy & Co to ask if I could trail their products and in return share the word on Social Media via my platforms (I very, very rarely ask anyone this kind of thing – I am usually asked and I politely turn away more than I accept just FYI).

My biggest mental block when contemplating using Chemical Free options was the price point (usually higher than a chemical based cleaner) and the thought that if it wasn’t ‘chemically’ it wouldn’t work!  Well I have been so pleasantly surprised that this isn’t the case with Figgy & Co ! I have been trialing the Bench Spray and Cleaning Paste Pack with really, really great results! I did a Snapchat review using JIF and the Figgy & Co Cleaning Paste and they both did EXACTLY the same job……..except one was chemical free – guess which one !!!! I don’t understand why anyone would take the chemical option when there is an alternative that is just as good if not better, with a very good affordable price point !!

I am so converted and very keen on sharing this information for the health of all of our families (children are especially vulnerable to chemicals).

Jane and Aimee the wonderful minds and faces behind Figgy & Co are on to a really great thing. If you are wanting to give Chemical Free cleaning a go they have kindly offered you a 10% discount on their products using the code CHAPMAN10 at checkout for the month of August.



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