Earth Mama – Eco Lifestyle Store


Earth Mama is a family business offering a selection of natural and beautiful products on our their online Eco Lifestyle Store.
The products that they stock have not only been tried and tested by Cindy and her family but they are also safe for your children and your family!

We have their Greenkid Stainless Steel drink bottles and they are honestly fantastic – Beck has no trouble transitioning from a teat to this sippy attachment for this bottle !

I am so taken with them that I have ordered some more products from Earth Mama including this awesome Bento Lunchbox BENTO

And This Gorgeous Himalayan Salt Lamp  They can be used in offices to reduce fatigue. A lamp can minimise the effect of electromagnetic radiation and improves your concentration and refreshes you by neutralising the effects of an artificial environment.  And the light that they emit is BEAUTIFUL and they are all fitted with a dimmer switch for the perfect nightlight!


I have also added this awesome silicone food wrap to my cart as a fabulous alternative to Glad Wrap !silicone_food_wrap1_1024x1024


Cindy is really lovely as well and anyone who encourages the use of chemical free/natural/plastic free alternatives is a star in my opinion !! Cindy has very kindly offered a discount of 15% to all of my Blog Readers, using the code CHAPMAN15 at Checkout.





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