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MINIMALISM…….It is a word that used to bring to mind for me – empty rooms, empty walls, calm interiors, white everything.


For a few months I have been minimising our belongings …………and not to create the image I have described above. But for personal reasons.  I have been feeling increasingly overwhelmed with ‘things’.  Now I will admit to searching for things to buy and things to covet,  I fell into the trap of wanting to keep up with the “Jones’s” (aka the ‘elite’ of IG and the people whose homes ended up in glossy magazines – and by the way I am not dissing on these lucky souls ! I just cant afford to even TRY to keep up with them!) And I am not talking about big ticket items necessarily, but clothing, that perfect white wall, the handbag, the new cookware you get my drift……

I believe that everyone has their own personal definition of minimalism,  I adore absolute ‘visual’ minimalism however that is never going to happen in our home of 5 (nor do I want it too) For me it was purging all of the excess from everywhere within our home, the places you could and could not see, so that I could feel lighter (and believe me this actually happens….)

Take this space our hallway……..drawer3

We painted it a few months ago and it used to have photos hanging in different sized frame all down one side and I was forever searching for a piece of furniture (with the correct dimensions) to fit at the end so I could have a surface to put ‘stuff’ on……I never put the photos back up and I have decided this is far better for my soul – it looking like this. Plus I am never having to tell Beck ‘NO’ as he reaches for something that may hurt him or be concerned that something may get broken.  The piece of furniture I did find (A jimmy stand) is now a perfect addition to our playroom !

The kitchen has been a bone of contention for me for a while! Our home is only 92m2 and half our home is our kitchen/living area.  If something in our kitchen wasn’t being used it couldn’t stay and I had far too many spaces not being utilised properly.  I cleared out 2 banana boxes of things from our kitchen that I didn’t use and donated them to the Salvation Army store.  This cupboard below was FULL of plastic containers (if you follow my IG and my FB you will know I am not into that!!) so I have slowly built up my storage of glass containers to replace them and this is what I am left with ! It is more than enough for us.  The stainless steel one is the one that comes out with us as a lunchbox for the children and the glass ones are freezer/microwave/dishwasher safe from the Warehouse


It feels so calm now compared to before !

Another side of minimalism that I wanted to embrace and bring into our lives was reducing the amount of chemicals and store bought cleaners that we use in our home.  I  have never been shy about singing my praises for Figgy & Co  Everything to clean our home is now a natural cleaner  (I have just tonight ordered the Dishwasher Bundle as we have just run out of our normal chemical filled product……)  I cant wait to feel better about this too !!

Processed with Snapseed.


I have also ditched the bottle in the bathroom and we use both Ethique and Dirty Hippie in place of chemical filled shampoo and conditioner that comes in plastic bottles.  I got rid of masses of half used products and cleared my bathroom cabinet down to this (in the photo below) + my make up bag and it’s contents of course !

The kids have a playroom and I have purged many toys from their collection and taken them to the Salvation Army (and to Grandma and Grandads place….as we spend a bit of time there too)  I have kept the wooden and soft toys that we love (with the exception of Lego which is played with regularly).  My children play SO much better with less choice – they are not overwhelmed and can concentrate on one activity for a longer period of time and this is great for them!  We also have limited the television watching to 25 mins every two days.  I have seen a MASSIVE difference in them both with limiting the screen time to this, I recommend it for your own sanity ! It literally took Cora ONE day to adjust to the lack of foreign stimuli and she is so much better off for the lack of it ! She is far easier to parent, she finds it easier to self entertain and is kinder to her brother ! Win, win, win!


If you would like any info on anything I have posted about here,  feel free to post questions here, or flick me a message on FB or an DM on IG.  I am a member of a couple of FB minimalist groups which I have found to be fantstic motivation and great sounding boards for the minimalistic approach ! It comes naturally to some lucky souls but some of us need a hand 😁 I have found a lot of peace in minimising my home and I love knowing exactly what we have and where it is !! 


7 thoughts on “Minimising

  1. Oh it looks so satisfying! I plan on doing the same when we move “”f we don’t love it or it has no function then it’s not moving with us”


  2. I think we have similar approaches to minimalism but you are a few steps ahead of me on your journey. I definitely believe you about feeling lighter. Your play area and kitchen look lovely and I am looking forward to starting green cleaning as you have.


  3. Each weekend I set myself an area to clear out clutter! It feels so much better having a home that is clutter free (I’m almost there!). My house is 60m2 with limited storage. Thinking shelves might be my next option. Loved reading this post and seeing photos of your home xx


  4. Would love the link to those FB pages. After a full on year I have decided that a more minimalist approach to our family life could be what we need! Thanks xx


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