Cheeky Wipes ! 

I was given the opportunity to try these reusable wipes from Real Nappies.

I know that not everyone will be into this concept…. I wont go on because in all fairness there is not a HUGE amount to speak about here……….This is how they are prepared – SUPER easy!

Water, essential oil and immerse the wipes – easy !

Every nappy change I use these,  number ones and two’s…….

Now Beck is 14 months old and he is a normal baby and poops…..sometimes it is ‘teethy’ sometimes it is firm (ya know the drill….) And I have used them for every kind that has presented itself in the last 5 weeks.

Once dealt with – I rinsed them under the tap in our laundry and popped into a small bucket with Laundry Soaker from Figgy & Co – I use only a tiny scoop every day and when I put on a load of washing the cloths just go in with our normal washing (we also use Figgy & Co washing powder with impeccable results might I add) and they have been coming out of the wash perfectly white and bright and completely stain free!

If you were contemplating going down the washable wipes road I couldn’t recommend the Cheeky Wipes System more! And I LOVE not having to buy chemical filled baby wipes, well I haven’t bought them since these arrived (we do have a packet in our bag for when we go out admittedly) But just like our cleaning products situation – I can just make up more !! It is fabulous being less reliant on the supermarket !

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