Mountain Buggy Unirider

Hi 👋🏻

We were given the opportunity to test and enjoy the Mountain Buggy Unirider (well actually Cora was).

It was very easy to put together (no degree needed….).

Cora was tentative at first as she is quite a nervy kind of child until she gets used to something – but as soon as she feels secure she is RIGHT into everything!!!!!

I had to adjust the handle to straighten up initially – but since then I have had no problems ! It fits in the boot with our pram and has been easy to cart around (We have an People mover……much to my dismay).


One of the things about taking the kids for a walk (if you are in a hurry anyway!) is the dawdling, the Unirider elimates this 🙌🏻 My husband has grabbed it to take Cora to the dairy for a quick dash and grab. Fun and fast 👌🏻

We have so far had the the Unirider on the farm, on the footpath and on the beach – across different terrain and even through a stream, it provides an entertaining, different, fun way to transport your child and it has been a source of delight for many children who have had their eye turned by this different looking fun ride 👊🏻 I like the ease of use. 

I initially found it annoying to store – only as it would fall over all of the time SOoooo we got a bracket from mitre ten  ($6) and it hangs on it perfectly – takes up very little space and is easily accessible 👌🏻

I can highly recommend it ! Read the reviews on the Mountain Buggy website regarding these – the Unirider is genuinely a very,  very useful thing to own! Cora is over being strapped in a pram and this is a very easy option for her little legs that tire easily on a good walk. 

You can purchase one for $149 and you can buy it here

And they are also at selected stockists in NZ (and around the world) so you can try it before you buy it 👍🏻

Enjoy the outdoors 🌿 

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