Homeschooling – my reasons and my hopes for our future 🌿

img_5891Ok so my youngest two babies are only 16 months and 2.5 years old but I know I will Home School them already.

This is not because I want to be different or live life in an alternative ‘fashion’.

I am currently 100% focused on my role as a mother, teacher and I truly want to raise my children to be happy, healthy and in an environment that has THEIR needs come first all of the time. The concept of them being at school for the average 30hr/week school week when they could spend a short few hours doing ‘actual’ schoolwork and the rest of the time meeting with other homeschooling families, swimming, walking on the beach, learning the names of the native flora and fauna whilst walking in the bush, playing in the backyard and just generally doing whatever we want, really, really appeals to me on so many levels.  We can have ‘slow’ mornings, and for me I see a lifestyle that I have always wanted with my favourite people. For me personally this appeals hugely.

Now I realise that that sounds sugar coated – BUT it isn’t – this is a real possibility for us.  We intend on shifting back to the Tasman region and there are a LOT of home schooling families up there – for various reasons.  We are Atheists so our reasons for wanting to home school are not for religious reasons (obviously haha!) and it is not because we have extreme views or want to shelter our children from the hideous realities of the world (ok, ok I actually DO want to do that) but I can’t – and I know that ! But I would like for them to be introduced to certain things at certain points in their lives when it happens organically (as opposed to by ‘Johnny*’ who is left to his own devices 90% of the time and knows more about the wrong things going on in the world than he should) instead of it being introduced to them before they are ready.  I am possibly a bit over reactive – but yep, I accept it…… I am THAT mum. I am over protective and quite frankly the world is a bit frightening to me.

NOW I am following my own journey here – and I am not judging ANYBODY else, PLEASE remember that my eldest daughter (who is almost 14) has attended both public, private and an integrated catholic school (that religious upbringing came in handy!  No,  but truly I have nothing against organised religion I am just a non believer personally).  So I do believe that children can thrive and do very well in ‘normal’ school environments – just like my eldest has.  I also realise that we are all choosing to have different paths in terms of ‘career’ vs ‘staying home with the family’ and all that jazz.  I do not wish to live in areas of the country that are expensive to live in. I happily live where it is sparsely populated and with that comes cheaper housing and cheaper living (this is a fact…..) If I enjoyed faster living and being in the big smoke – Home schooling would not be an option – I would simply HAVE to work to afford general life ! Once again I am not dissing that scenario I am just saying it is how it would be for us.

I recall when I was in primary being put into a few ‘extended’ classes – now believe me I was never overly clever ! In fact in high school I was completely disinterested in school and learning (send me back now and I would LOVE it! NOT the high school bullshit that goes on but the learning aspect appeals hugely !). I think at the time I was advanced potentially because I was an avid reader,  now I am so sure Cora and Beck are going to be readers – Both of them ADORE books and being read to and Cora is already able to pick her name out of a group and can recognise many words (she is two and a half).  I am concerned about mainstream education for many reasons and one of them is the amount of time spent putting our children into boxes.  There is NO one size fits all situation for our poor teachers who have students at both ends of a very long spectrum and I take my hat off to teachers truly – I think you do an amazing job!  My eldest has benefited from your wonderful skills and I have faith in you ! HOWEVER I do not have faith in the schooling system,  I believe that our teachers are overworked and underpaid as they are doing one of the most important jobs possible, they are helping to raise and educate the next generation of children (people may raise their eyebrow at the fact that I have said “RAISE” but essentially if your kids are spending 30hrs of their waking week with a particular person – they are helping to mould them – no matter which way you look at it they are having a big impact on your child).

“Although homeschoolers are often stereotyped as hippies or religious fanatics, most homeschoolers are just normal parents who have decided to take charge of their children’s education. Homeschoolers are everywhere and come from all walks of life.They live in cities, in the suburbs, and in the country. They are doctors and janitors and public school teachers. Some homeschoolers have strong religious beliefs and some are nonbelievers. Homeschoolers are just like you.” – this excerpt has been taken from here


I just wanted to have a wee spiel – I feel quite strongly about this and I think a lot of children would benefit from not being pushed and squashed into little boxes.

At the end of the day I want to raise happy, well rounded, lateral thinkers who can problem solve and most importantly REALLY think for themselves. AND I want them to be kind and accepting of others……all people, different races, different sexual identity, different whatever ! Just accept them and be OK with difference – the world needs more of that,  like WAAAAAY more of that.

I am so looking forward to adventures with my little ones that I can document and cherish and share with like minded individuals – I do not pretend to be an expert on anything ! However I believe I have the capability to teach my children and enjoy the process – I realise it will not always be perfect but I am so prepared for the less than perfect days !

Thanks for reading this team ! I hope it has been thought provoking 😉


* = a fictitious child with very few boundaries within the family home.


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