We have been using this Organic Cotton Summer sleeping bag from SnugBags for the past few weeks, I chose the Grey Marl colourway (pictured here with a sleepy Beck above).  Beck is an exceptionally warm sleeper and this has been ideal for him over the past few days!

Beck needs a sleeping bag to sleep well, on the few rare occasions he has been without one (usually due to both of his bags being in the wash, due to his extremely good gag reflex 😆) he has slept awfully.  So I think they help him feel both secure as well as keeping him a comfortable temperature.

SnugBags have some wonderful features such as:

  • 2 layers of GOTS certified Organic Jesey Corton
  • Underarm domes for smaller babies (which we use – Beck has a 2-4yr size bag in these photos)
  • A Seat Belt Slot for easy sleeping baby car or pram transfers
  • A Diagonal Zip Design
  • Available in 5 different colours

SnugBags are made right here in New Zealand and and meet the New Zealand Sleep Wear Safety Regulations.

Comfortable in room temperatures between 23-30 degrees C. Beck has been sleeping in his with his Lulu Funk Summer PJ’s (pictured below) underneath his bag at night and has been comfortable   – we live in North Canterbury and have only started to see true Summer temperatures a couple of weeks ago 😆

SnugBags have won numerous awards and are ethically a VERY sound company 🌿 those that know me know how important to me this is.

  •  They use only NZ Merino wool (Certified Organic where they can) and they only source it from non-mulesing certified suppliers (Hooray for cruelty free wool production !)
  • They also only use Organic Cotton – which has none of the harmful chemicals found in normal cotton – it is extremely soft and stronger and more durable #winning 🌿👏🏻
  • All of SnugBags dyes meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) so the pretty colours without the chemicals 👌🏻🌿

I would encourage Anybody who is looking for a Sleeping Bag for their little one to look very seriously at a SnugBags Bag.  Beck is in need of the next size up Winter weight Merino bag and I am 100% going to be purchasing from Kim at SnugBags.  The testimonials on her website are a wonderful reflection of her product. As are the numerous awards they have received 🌿

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