Cora’s Bedroom Makeover 

With my eldest daughter Lily moving to Dunedin to live with her dad and attend a school with amazing opportunities, it meant that Cora could have her own room and Beck could finally move out of our room 🙈 After 18 months of broken sleep and worrying every time I moved I was going to wake him up this was a welcome change 😅

I wanted her room to be girly whilst still having a touch of whimsy and fun with a reasonably neutral colour palette.

The piece beside Cora’s bed is an old telephone table that I purchased off a local buy/sell page on Facebook.  Using Chalk paint I painted it white and re-upholstered the cushion using a pillowcase from the Soft Gallery set we have (and I adore) it is quite a subtle black and white print so will go with anything I throw at it pretty much 👌🏻

The wee pot plant holder was a bargain from The Warehouse ($6) and the Ivy plant in it was a ‘Wee Cutie’ and was tiny when I bought it. It was always destined for Cora’s room as Ivy is a natural air purifier and it inhibits mould growth naturally (not that we have a mould problem but I thought it was another reason to like it 🌿😬)  it can be poisonous if ingested so for small children and animals it is advised to be out of reach……my children have yet to eat ours or any other plant we have inside, but ya know I thought disclosing it’s not so positive trait was important too 😉

Cora’s bedroom is small, we have the ever popular IKEA ‘Minnen’ bed for both Cora and Beck.  We keep them at Cot size (they are extendable to a full size single bed) as the kids are still small.  On Cora’s bed we have a beautiful ruffle edged linen bed cover from The Foxes Den,  I am in love with this special addition to her bedroom. The linen star cushion is also from The Foxes Den

Her pillowcase is from Moonlit Sleep and is lovingly made from Organic cotton.  I have had so many people ask me about it – I am actually pretty obsessed with a fair few of her products so you will no doubt see another couple of pillowcases from her feature in our home in the coming months👌🏻 You can find Moonlit Sleep’s website here xx

Cora’s favourite doll which she has named ‘Grace’ sits beside her bed and is played with and snuggles with frequently.  She is from Claire LeBlond design who is ridiculously talented, her work is incredible and she is a lovely human too 👌🏻 Her incredible work can be found here.

The Ostrich seen here is a special friend from Jellycat UK – I couldn’t find a NZ supplier so he came direct from the UK.

The Set of wee drawers above which house some of Cora’s special things is from Mocka.  The ‘Rad Dreams’ dream catcher is from Moe Pepe and is one of my favourite pieces from Cora and Beck’s shared space.

Her beloved polar bear is from Dapper Mr Bear, as is her music orb (which plays a tune by Mozart) and the iconic rubberwood elephant you can find them all here along with many other beautifully curated objects of desire 🙊 one of the books from the image below is also from Dapper Mr Bear.

Cora’s letter C is from the now sadly closed business Little Letter Lights Co.

Her mirror is a gorgeous blush pink and is originally from Lilly and Lolly from Australia – but I purchased it second hand of another IG Mumma.

Her whale is from Big Stuffed and hails from Paris 🐋 I am pretty obsessed with our Big Stuffed friends 👌🏻

Hanging on her wardrobe door is her leather backpack from Little Design Co in the USA – handmade and stunning – it is a piece that Cora treasures and uses frequently.

Hanging up are the children’s Busy Bags and we have just ordered our third natural set (wooden) to join these two bags. They are played with frequently with the added benefit of being educational at the same time 👌🏻

In the wee felt baskets I purchased from Collected.  Cora has her handmade block from Whittle, her Peppa Pig friends, felt food and sushi from Percy Brown, her kiko stars and toys from Peas in a pod and finally,  in her crate from George and Willy she has her Shiech collection of animals (inherited from her big sister).

This beautiful piece of art is such a delight ! It is from Indigo Eleven and is unlike anything I have seen before – I like that it had a natural theme and complemented Cora’s plant and the colour theme going on in her room.

The talking point of the bedroom when people walk in is certainly her neon heart light from Little Whimsy 😍 I adore it and both of the kids still say “wow” when it is turned on and the room lights up with a gorgeous purple light 👌🏻 It is very special indeed.

One of Cora’s (and Beck’s too actually) favourite things is to lounge about on the gorgeous Beanbag from Dill Pickle Designs –   Many hours have been spent lounging on here already reading books and many more will surely come ❤️

I have enjoyed doing this wee room for Cora ! I hope you have enjoyed the wee tour !  It takes less than 5 minutes to clean up and everything has a home ! She loves it and respects it and is forever telling me how much she loves her space.

Next up – Becks solo room !!! But after our Bali trip and a wee break from Social Media xxx

Sue xx

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