Cora turns 3 

Wellll I was going to do a big spiel about how time goes so quickly and I wish it would slow down 😆 but you know all that already if you read my Instagram and Facebook posts 😂 But yes Cora turned 3 today – we celebrated on Wednesday with a few wee friends and it was very cute – her cake was decorated ‘ON POINT’ 👌🏻 and the kids just played and had a nice time  💕

Here are her gift details if you are interested 😬 if not just scroll to the bottom of this blog post and you will see her cake 👌🏻 (you will not be dissapointed)

Her Main present (which my parents contributed towards also as I am the gift grinch 😂)  was this wee kitchen from Monkey Kids Store.  I actually had this in the Christmas Edit post I did last year as a want – so I have been very keen on this for a while 👌🏻 Cora loves to help in the kitchen and I find she gravitates towards kitchen based play if we are ever somewhere that happens to have a play kitchen 😁

I picked up the stainless steel kitchen set at Kmart for $15 👏🏻

The wee washing up brush and knives and forks came from The Montessori Shop (we already had these however I thought I would mention it if anyone was interested)

Before Christmas last year I purchased this gorgeous wee teepee from Pint Size Goods and also the wee chair and mat and wooden rounds – I felt she was still a bit off the age where she could appreciate and enjoy them but now a few months on it is perfect for her (I was going to remove the Peppa pig figurines as they aren’t my favourite looking toys 😂 BUT that would be completely stupid as they are literally the most played with toys we have) now at least Peppa and her friends have a fabulous Glamping scenario going on 👌🏻

This Mumma and her baby piglet joined our collection of sweet friends from Dapper Mr Bear (however I am not sure if they are available still as I also bought these a while back and never gifted them to Cora as Beck was still putting everything in his mouth 😬)

This Gorgeous Wee Fairy Door also arrived the morning of her party and she is obsessed with it 💕 the cute mushrooms I purchased from Little Whimsy a while back and they also have been hidden away until she was of an age to appreciate them and she was a LOT more delighted by these wee mushrooms than I thought she was going to be 🙌🏻 #winning

Her Cake………… #nailedit 😳 she put the 3 candles on just FYI 😁

Sue 🌿 x

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