Loss – the good kind…….


It has been a bloody long time since I have ‘blogged’ – I lost a lot of motivation last year which has reappeared finally (working 50 hour weeks all summer was also a factor in my loss of motivation 😆) ANYWAY!!

Here is my ‘post op’ blog post – which I have been asked to write and I have promised I would write !

I was ‘sleeved’ (term used by gastric sleeve bypass patients) on the 30th May by Stephen Kelly from Christchurch WLS.

On the morning of the operation I was naturally nervous, however I was also extremely ready for what was about to happen, as stated in my last blog post (it was a decision I had mulled over for years and hadn’t taken lightly….) I spent two nights following surgery in a private hospital which was really lovely – I was a bit of a mess with some of the drugs messing me around but I was soon feeling pretty much normal and ready to leave !

The following weeks I was tired and my body was readjusting but it was nothing I couldn’t handle and my parents and husband were fabulous and helped me with the little ones and let me snooze some afternoons #bliss 😆

A few times shortly after surgery I made mistakes with eating foods I could no longer tolerate – which ended up with me rushing to the loo to be ill,  believe me some foods that I wasn’t expecting to be a problem really were ! Generally though I can eat most foods I want to now just smaller amounts of them! Also my taste buds have changed dramatically and the food I used to crave and delight in no longer interest me 💁🏻‍♀️ Surgery does more than just change your stomach pouch size!

I have lost 26.5kgs – I now sit within the ‘normal’ BMI (I know, I know BMI SCHMEEMI ……..) But it feels great to be here regardless.

I am living again and I am confident and happy 🙌🏻 I struggled with energy levels a couple of months ago but have adjusted my vitamin intake a bit and now receive monthly B12 injections which have made a huge difference.

C7719733-5B97-49EB-984C-E6ED4C0D68A9.jpeg My body isn’t perfect at all – I have saggy boobs a flabby tummy and I don’t think I will ever feel ‘HOT’ 😂 But that wasn’t what I wanted – truly – I wanted to be able to wear shorts and a t-shirt and not think twice about leaving the house in them, anyone who hasn’t had a weight problem will probably think I am insane – but my self confidence because of my weight was incredibly low and it affected my day to day life. I was also dying to get into my leather jacket and brown belt and jeans…………..

Since surgery I have been more active and challenged myself, kayaking and canyoning, horse riding (I rode and owned horses for years and I miss it so much !)

I am celebrating life and I can’t even find the words to rightly express how much having surgery has changed my world. I am a better wife and mother because I am happier !

Any questions just ask! I am very open about my surgery and I have ZERO shame in my decision to change my life 🙌🏻 I scribbled out my face in this pic as I couldn’t even look at them back then 🙈

Live and let live ✌🏻

Sue 🌿

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