Breaking the Fast

As many of you will know I have had a gastric sleeve operation on my stomach – which means that I have to (I literally NEED to) be very aware of what I eat these days to keep my energy levels consistent and my body and mind healthy.

Harraways have an exciting new product that I have been eating for the past week as part of my morning routine. Harraways Oat-activ® oats offer a double action in reducing cholesterol absorption from beta-glucan (naturally found in oats) and added plant sterols which are proven to reduce cholesterol absorption when you have two sachets of Harraways Oat-activ® as part of your daily intake of 3g beta glucan or 2g plant sterols. When used as part of your daily diet it really does help!

My diet is very low fat and low carb purely because my stomach struggles with heavy carbs and fats can make me feel rather ill,  I also need to consume a high amount of protein which is yet another reason I am obsessed with these oats – they are a source of fibre and protein with no added salt!

I have also made raw snacking balls with Harraways Oats-activ® treats, so at work I have been enjoying them as a mid morning and afternoon snack,  you don’t have to just use them for porridge to take advantage of the health benefits!

If you want to try and create your own breakfast and snack options with the Harraways Oat-activ® oats, you can find them in selected New World & Pak N Save supermarkets or comment below with your favourite oat recipe and go in the draw to win a 2 month supply of the new Harraways Oat-Activ® flavours to try (4 x Original and 4 x Original with Cranberry).

Thanks to ​Harraways​ for sponsoring this content. I have enjoyed Harraways since I was a child and for me they are a trusted and familiar brand.


10 thoughts on “Breaking the Fast

  1. I can’t go past Anzac biscuits or yummy warm apple and feijoa crumble like we had tonight! Would love to try these new oats as my cholesterol levels need tweaking!

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  2. Mine and my 3 year olds go to lately is ‘custard’ oats (cooked with an egg) with apple, cinnamon and vanilla served with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and gogi berries.


  3. I’m so going to try this Sue I’m a porridge lover but haven’t really thought about using oats in others ways so thanks for your blog post!!!


  4. I’m a massive oats fan! For myself I love adding cinnamon, a few raisins and a teaspoon of honey for added flavor. For my littlest I add mashed banana, cinnamon and it’s her daily breakfast. And for miss 4 I make pat pancakes, oat cookies and date, kumara and cocoa bliss balls! Oats are a definite staple in our diets!

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  5. Every week my 2yr old and I make homemade muesli bars with oats, dates, seeds, nuts, dried fruit and maple syrup – super quick and most importantly, healthy!
    I would love to try these oats, my son has porridge every morning without fail!!

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  6. We love Harraways in our family ❤️ Fav recipe using oats apart from porridge with creamy milk and brown sugar is chocolate chip and oat cookies – sooooo good 😊

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