Christmas Brandy Snaps

The lead up to Christmas is upon us and with it just around the corner, I’ve already started thinking about some of my go-to recipes to help make the big day easier. I’ve partnered with Countdown to share one of my favourite Christmas dessert’s. This one is an absolute classic and is an easy and affordable option – especially for larger families!

Introducing my special Brandy Snaps with passionfruit pulp infused cream. This one’s a real hit in my family!

I’ve included a couple of sneaky hacks to make preparation just that little bit easier.

The first is to use Countdown’s pre-made Brandy snaps, you can pick up a pack of 8 for just $3.50!

Then you whip cream and add Countdown’s canned passionfruit pulp in syrup (draining most of the excess liquid from it first)

Pipe into pre-made Countdown Brandysnaps!


Delicious and stress-free! (the added bonus is that it’s super affordable)

 Make your Christmas a lot less stress free and relaxed by having everything ready to go for after Christmas Lunch (or dinner) by shopping at Countdown this Christmas 👌🏻

Also another wee tip – every week from now on add a Christmas treat in with your weekly shop so the ‘Christmas Food Shop’ isn’t as big!

Let me know of any easy hacks you have.

Sue xxx

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