Back to School

This year Cora is starting school, her school visits start in a few short weeks and then we will have a school kid on our hands. I remember from when Lily started school that we will be met with one very tired, over stimulated little girl while she settles in.

It is hard after the long leisurely summer to get back into the routine of school lunches and packing bags to get out the door on time. Countdown is here to help with their affordable range of products perfect to pop into the school lunches.

Like a lot of families, our children have bento-style lunchboxes. We use a Planetbox for our school lunches, so they’re almost rubbish free nowadays. Our kids are reasonably good eaters – we do struggle a little with fruit and vegetables, but on the most part we think they do ok. What we do put in the lunches each day has to stay fresh and new otherwise it gets left behind (I feel a collective sigh in agreement 😆) .

At the moment our kids are enjoying picking and eating the cherry tomatoes we planted for the summer, we also have been long term fans of both Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slices and Healtheries Potato Stix. These are both on price lockdown at Countdown to help fitting into the weekly back to school budget. Knowing how much a product is going to cost is peace of mind for families with big outlay costs for the start of the school year – new bags and stationary and uniforms, it all adds up.

Countdown also have a range of cheap stationary essentials so you can stock up in one go with your grocery shop.

What is your favourite ‘go to’ lunchbox filler? My kids love sandwiches and they aren’t into elaborate fancy food (yet……). So, a piece a fruit, a sandwich, some crackers, a Mother Earth Oaty Slice bar, and some yoghurt is pretty much standard. Well it has been whilst they have been at pre-school, time will only tell 👏🏻



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