Natural Instinct

In October last year I was sent some Natural Instinct products to try out………… I was under no obligation to post about them or anything like that. So please don’t assume this ! I had a routine initially (which I strictly stuck too for 8 weeks) I have loosened up on it for sure since then 🙈 but I still use the products in my daily routine just not as strictly !

The reason I wanted to do a blog post about it is because of its affordability whilst still being good for your body check this out! 👇🏻

My two favourite products from the range are pictured below

Facial scrub – RRP $10.99

Foaming Cleanser – RRP $10.99

The foaming cleanser I use daily and the scrub once or twice a week, I won’t go into ridiculous detail about how it makes my skin feel 😂 but it feels clean !!!!!!! And post scrub it feels soft 👌🏻

I have always had pretty good skin – but it has never been better than it is now 🤷🏻‍♀️ I cannot put it entirely down to this product (my eating has certainly improved since my weight loss surgery!) but I can definitely say it has helped it along !

I am 36 – this is non filtered and bare faced today (04/03/2019) I am ok with it !

When I was doing my regiment regime (morning and night) my skin was certainly more hydrated than it is today. The Restoring Night Cream (RRP – $23.99) helped those wrinkles on my forehead HEAPS.

And the Plump & Renew Serum is my best friend 😆 I swear this is what let’s me leave the house make-up free these days !!

Plump and Renew Serum – RRP $22.99 (comes in the box pictured below)

Also pictured below is the Dark Circle and Wrinkle Correction Eye Cream – RRP – $23.99 which I also use frequently.

Just to reiterate I do not have to do this blog post 😆 I really enjoy these products that are of a realistic price point for most people and are free of toxic sulphates, petrochemicals, Parabens and more (as per my first image!) Vegan and NOT tested on animals so all in all awesome ! 👌🏻🌿

Lastly the Skin Refining Cleansing Oil that I received a few weeks ago and showed on my Instagram stories – This stuff is liquid gold!

Skin Refining Cleansing Oil – RRP – $24.99

I had people ask about oil cleansing and whether it made me break out (being an oil and presuming it may block pores?) but I cannot stress how wrong that perception is. And also how easily it removes make-up !! Even waterproof mascara 👌🏻

My before and afters aren’t that remarkable to be honest but I definitely have softer healthier skin and I am smiling in my after photo 😆 And it is all about angles team 😆 I think it appears more hydrated and happier 👌🏻🌿

Natural Instinct products can be purchased from selected Countdown Stores , Pak-n-save Stores and New World Stores and also online through Pharmacy Direct.

This is not a sponsored blog post the product has however been gifted to me but I was under no obligation to share it ❤️ But as I love it and I would buy it without hesitation I have shared the love with you ! 🌿

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