Cool Kiwi Kids

When Beck and Cora opened the box with their new helmets in, I knew they were going to be excited, but I wasn’t so prepared for them to want to wear them the entire time 😂

It isn’t a problem of course, my first impression was of course the very cool design – the looks being the first thing you notice 😍 Both Cora and Beck were absolutely besotted with their new helmets. I loved the looks of course, but I was also amazed at the feel and weight of them, very light but with great coverage where you want it in a helmet ! Also the fit ( now this is where I think I was really sold…..) once I fitted them both properly they didn’t have to touch their helmets again. Perfectly fitted they just carried on comfortably never having to readjust them.

Designed and made in Denmark – these helmets are very well made and of course the safety standards are top notch too (they meet/exceed NZ safety standards) . A couple of features I am a huge fan of are…….

1. The LED light on the back of helmet on the retention wheel (multiple light settings for extra awareness of small people on dimmer days or dusk)

2. The Retention system – so I loosen them to take off and then when put back on I tighten them again for the perfect fit. I want to mention the softness of the straps also and the chin pad which protects the chin when doing up the clip 👌🏻

3. The RAD designs available and the matching accessories 😍 SO COOL 👌🏻 matching gloves, bike/scooter locks, and matching bells.

Now that Beck is rather fast on his bike (I admit to keeping three wheels on his wishbone bike for ages to cut down on accidents 🙈) but now he is on two wheels and very fast with hardly any fear a good helmet he loves is important. Plus we now venture to the skate park and BMX track so…………he also looks like this now 😭😍

Cora is not as confident as Beck but enjoys her wee scooter – she is getting a new bike for her birthday at the end of April as she has outgrown her wee bike now.

Cool Kiwi Kids LTD is based in Auckland, New Zealand and was launched in June 2016 by the lovely mum of 2 Claudia, you can check out the Cool Kiwi Kids website here .

Enjoy !

Sue xx


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