A Natural clean πŸŒΏ

I have been using these products from The Australian Eucalyptus Oil New Zealand for near on 3 weeks now.

I can confirm that they work πŸ™ŒπŸ» and work well πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I will start by telling you about the Dishwasher powder πŸ‘‡πŸ»

I was on the last of our version of rinse aid ‘White Vinegar’ πŸ˜† Β But this Dishwasher Powder includes it – which is a huge bonus ! I haven’t been having glistening glasses with the white vinegar (but this isn’t overly important to me as it is chemical free so no residue on our plates and eating utensils – because NOBODY needs that aye 😷) Β But with The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Automatic dishwasher powder it leaves them nice and clear πŸ‘πŸ»

I have been using the washing powder also πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Now we live in an area with DISGUSTING water – if there isn’t a warning from the council letting us know it is unsafe to drink, it stinks of chlorine – it contains high iron levels and everything here ends up being stained an orange colour 😩 So I have struggled to get my washing both clean and soft…..and not filled with chemicals, because it actually is hard to get both unfortunately without using a fabric softener. But I have found that this laundry powder does both πŸ‘ŒπŸ» (I will admit that our clothes are not ‘fabric softener’ soft…..but that involves chemicals that are then against your largest organ for hours at a time πŸ™…πŸ» so I am ok with just soft not CRAZY chemical filled soft πŸ˜‰).

And everything smells very fresh and clean when it comes out of the machine and I dry my clothes naturally (we don’t own a dryer) I LOVE the smell of eucalyptus personally so I really enjoy using this 🌿 You can purchase it here (I have also sampled the Lavender and it is also gorgeous!)

This product here I hadn’t used up until today πŸ˜†. But I now know it’s power !!! I had made an oil blend up for the kids (Cora has a cold) and I peeled the label off Β an essential oil bottle and it stuck and was all sticky and I hate that πŸ˜‘ Anyway I thought I could try this ! And yep it worked a treat πŸ‘πŸ» Β before photo of the bottle πŸ‘‡πŸ» other uses for this product (aside from its awesome sticky spot removal πŸ˜†) include cleaning stainless steel appliances ! (note how shiny my Dishwasher is in the photo above)

The multi-purpose spray is really good – smell wise it is stronger than I am used to but not unpleasant – as I love the smell of Eucalyptus myself!Β  All of the benches, the sinks, bathroom, toilet, it has been sprayed everywhere with great results πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I love it ! You can buy it here

We have truly put this next one to the test !! The Multi Purpose CLeaner πŸ‘‡πŸ». Beck has vomited all over our kitchen floor 🀒 twice in the last couple of weeks (our poor carpet has been in such a state πŸ˜‘)Anyway !!! Post disgusting initial clean up – a capful of this into a bucket of warm water and the room is full of delightful eucalyptus ! It truly cleans beautifully and leaves everything feeling and smells clean 🌿 it is my favourite I think πŸ‘πŸ»

Now I am very minimal with my skincare routine – I use Dirty Hippy face soap and after every shower I use Eco Tan Face Tan Water, that is usually it – Beauty Regime over πŸ˜† I don’t usually bother with an all over body oil – BUT I have been using this Bygum All Natural Body Oil πŸ‘‡πŸ» post shower whilst my skin is still wet and I have noticed that my skin is softer and more hydrated πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Most of you that read my posts know my views on chemicals within the home – they are not essential and just because they are cheap and in our faces at the supermarket and so readily available doesn’t mean they are good for you or even ok to use in close proximity to where we eat and sleep πŸ™…πŸ» Β I was reading an article this morning about how consumers are becoming a lot more aware of what is in products and also how they are being produced and who by (ethical production πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ») I am always so excited when I read this kind of thing – Β guys we CAN make a difference, even when it seems like your voice is falling on deaf ears – keep yelling and speaking YOUR truth. Β Some things take time πŸ˜€

The Gathered StoreΒ 

The Gathered Store – now these ladies know about ‘nice things’ πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Stocking some incredibly beautiful brands – I will share some beauties from their store πŸ™ŒπŸ»

The Gathered Store was founded by two sisters who founded ‘The Little Gatherer Blog’ bringing together the sweetest and coolest new things that they could find from around the globe. Β I have followed them on Facebook since 2013 when they started the blog showcasing alllll the awesome things πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

They stock these incredibly beautiful music mobiles from Cam Cam which plays ‘Summertime’ by George Gershwin, perfect for above a small persons sleeping space !!! You can check out the full range of Cam Cam that The Gathered Store stocks here.

Slumberkins are one of my favourite soft toy brands and finding out that I could buy one from the Southern Hemisphere made me quite pleased ❀ they are extra special to us as we do the ‘Slumber Sloth Poem’ every night before sleep for both Cora and Beck – since starting this ritual Cora has been ‘sleep ready’ pretty much every night ! She adores the practise of repetition Β and finds a huge amount of comfort in routine. They also carry the Yeti!! Β Who is next on our purchase list ✨ I mean look at this wee face πŸ‘‡πŸ» Shop Slumberkins here !

Now this is a ‘Baby Book’ with a difference, designed and handmade in Australia by Laikonik – this adorable book allows you to showcase your child’s first 18 years πŸ™ŒπŸ» I really like this concept ! As all of a child’s childhood should be recorded and celebrated, not only the first year. You can shop the Laikonik range here.

Cot sheet perfection right here πŸ‘‡πŸ»

I am currently planning Beck’s new room alongside doing Cora’s πŸ˜… And I am eyeing up this for his wee bed! (Which is cot sized currently πŸ‘ŒπŸ») You can see the entire range of Liewood here.

The Gathered Store also have a delightful range of books to suit many ages – but this is a FAVOURITE of both of my children and I know it off by heart πŸ˜†Β 

Truly though if you are looking for books for your children they have a wonderful array available here.

Fast and efficient shipping around New Zealand and the world, The Gathered Store is a great ‘go to’ for gifts and specialty items πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


Β We have been using this Organic Cotton Summer sleeping bag from SnugBags for the past few weeks, I chose the Grey Marl colourway (pictured here with a sleepy Beck above). Β Beck is an exceptionally warm sleeper and this has been ideal for him over the past few days!

Beck needs a sleeping bag to sleep well, on the few rare occasions he has been without one (usually due to both of his bags being in the wash, due to his extremely good gag reflex πŸ˜†) he has slept awfully. Β So I think they help him feel both secure as well as keeping him a comfortable temperature.

SnugBags have some wonderful features such as:

  • 2 layers of GOTS certified Organic Jesey Corton
  • Underarm domes for smaller babies (which we use – Beck has a 2-4yr size bag in these photos)
  • A Seat Belt Slot for easy sleeping baby car or pram transfers
  • A Diagonal Zip Design
  • Available in 5 different colours

SnugBags are made right here in New Zealand and and meet the New Zealand Sleep Wear Safety Regulations.

Comfortable in room temperatures between 23-30 degrees C. Beck has been sleeping in his with his Lulu Funk Summer PJ’s (pictured below) underneath his bag at night and has been comfortable Β  – we live in North Canterbury and have only started to see true Summer temperatures a couple of weeks ago πŸ˜†

SnugBags have won numerous awards and are ethically a VERY sound company 🌿 those that know me know how important to me this is.

  • Β They use only NZ Merino wool (Certified Organic where they can) and they only source it from non-mulesing certified suppliers (Hooray for cruelty free wool production !)
  • They also only use Organic Cotton – which has none of the harmful chemicals found in normal cotton – it is extremely soft and stronger and more durable #winning πŸŒΏπŸ‘πŸ»
  • All of SnugBags dyes meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) so the pretty colours without the chemicals πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸŒΏ

I would encourage Anybody who is looking for a Sleeping Bag for their little one to look very seriously at a SnugBags Bag.  Beck is in need of the next size up Winter weight Merino bag and I am 100% going to be purchasing from Kim at SnugBags.  The testimonials on her website are a wonderful reflection of her product. As are the numerous awards they have received 🌿

Homeschooling – my reasons and my hopes for our future πŸŒΏ

img_5891Ok so my youngest two babies are only 16 months and 2.5 years old but I know I will Home School them already.

This is not because I want to be different or live life in an alternative ‘fashion’.

I am currently 100% focused on my role as a mother, teacher and I truly want to raise my children to be happy, healthy and in an environment that has THEIR needs come first all of the time. The concept of them being at school for the average 30hr/week school week when they could spend a short few hours doing ‘actual’ schoolwork and the rest of the time meeting with other homeschooling families, swimming, walking on the beach, learning the names of the native flora and fauna whilst walking in the bush, playing in the backyard and just generally doing whatever we want, really, really appeals to me on so many levels.Β  We can have ‘slow’ mornings, and for me I see a lifestyle that I have always wanted with my favourite people. For me personally this appeals hugely.

Now I realise that that sounds sugar coated – BUT it isn’t – this is a real possibility for us.Β  We intend on shifting back to the Tasman region and there are a LOT of home schooling families up there – for various reasons.Β  We are Atheists so our reasons for wanting to home school are not for religious reasons (obviously haha!) and it is not because we have extreme views or want to shelter our children from the hideous realities of the world (ok, ok I actually DO want to do that) but I can’t – and I know that ! But I would like for them to be introduced to certain things at certain points in their lives when it happens organically (as opposed to by ‘Johnny*’ who is left to his own devices 90% of the time and knows more about the wrong things going on in the world than he should) instead of it being introduced to them before they are ready.Β  I am possibly a bit over reactive – but yep, I accept it…… I am THAT mum. I am over protective and quite frankly the world is a bit frightening to me.

NOW I am following my own journey here – and I am not judging ANYBODY else, PLEASE remember that my eldest daughter (who is almost 14) has attended both public, private and an integrated catholic school (that religious upbringing came in handy!Β  No,Β  but truly I have nothing against organised religion I am just a non believer personally).Β  So I do believe that children can thrive and do very well in ‘normal’ school environments – just like my eldest has.Β  I also realise that we are all choosing to have different paths in terms of ‘career’ vs ‘staying home with the family’ and all that jazz.Β  I do not wish to live in areas of the country that are expensive to live in. I happily live where it is sparsely populated and with that comes cheaper housing and cheaper living (this is a fact…..) If I enjoyed faster living and being in the big smoke – Home schooling would not be an option – I would simply HAVE to work to afford general life ! Once again I am not dissing that scenario I am just saying it is how it would be for us.

I recall when I was in primary being put into a few ‘extended’ classes – now believe me I was never overly clever ! In fact in high school I was completely disinterested in school and learning (send me back now and I would LOVE it! NOT the high school bullshit that goes on but the learning aspect appeals hugely !). I think at the time I was advanced potentially because I was an avid reader,Β  now I am so sure Cora and Beck are going to be readers – Both of them ADORE books and being read to and Cora is already able to pick her name out of a group and can recognise many words (she is two and a half).Β  I am concerned about mainstream education for many reasons and one of them is the amount of time spent putting our children into boxes.Β  There is NO one size fits all situation for our poor teachers who have students at both ends of a very long spectrum and I take my hat off to teachers truly – I think you do an amazing job!Β  My eldest has benefited from your wonderful skills and I have faith in you ! HOWEVER I do not have faith in the schooling system,Β  I believe that our teachers are overworked and underpaid as they are doing one of the most important jobs possible, they are helping to raise and educate the next generation of children (people may raise their eyebrow at the fact that I have said “RAISE” but essentially if your kids are spending 30hrs of their waking week with a particular person – they are helping to mould them – no matter which way you look at it they are having a big impact on your child).

“Although homeschoolers are often stereotyped as hippies or religious fanatics, most homeschoolers are just normal parents who have decided to take charge of their children’s education. Homeschoolers are everywhere and come from all walks of life.They live in cities, in the suburbs, and in the country. They are doctors and janitors and public school teachers. Some homeschoolers have strong religious beliefs and some are nonbelievers. Homeschoolers are just like you.” – this excerpt has been taken from here


I just wanted to have a wee spiel – I feel quite strongly about this and I think a lot of children would benefit from not being pushed and squashed into little boxes.

At the end of the day I want to raise happy, well rounded, lateral thinkers who can problem solve and most importantly REALLY think for themselves. AND I want them to be kind and accepting of others……all people, different races, different sexual identity, different whatever ! Just accept them and be OK with difference – the world needs more of that,Β  like WAAAAAY more of that.

I am so looking forward to adventures with my little ones that I can document and cherish and share with like minded individuals – I do not pretend to be an expert on anything ! However I believe I have the capability to teach my children and enjoy the process – I realise it will not always be perfect but I am so prepared for the less than perfect days !

Thanks for reading this team ! I hope it has been thought provoking πŸ˜‰


* = a fictitious child with very few boundaries within the family home.


Mountain Buggy Unirider

Hi πŸ‘‹πŸ»

We were given the opportunity to test and enjoy the Mountain Buggy Unirider (well actually Cora was).

It was very easy to put together (no degree needed….).

Cora was tentative at first as she is quite a nervy kind of child until she gets used to something – but as soon as she feels secure she is RIGHT into everything!!!!!

I had to adjust the handle to straighten up initially – but since then I have had no problems ! It fits in the boot with our pram and has been easy to cart around (We have an People mover……much to my dismay).


One of the things about taking the kids for a walk (if you are in a hurry anyway!) is the dawdling, the Unirider elimates this πŸ™ŒπŸ» My husband has grabbed it to take Cora to the dairy for a quick dash and grab. Fun and fast πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

We have so far had the the Unirider on the farm, on the footpath and on the beach – across different terrain and even through a stream, it provides an entertaining, different, fun way to transport your child and it has been a source of delight for many children who have had their eye turned by this different looking fun ride πŸ‘ŠπŸ» I like the ease of use. 

I initially found it annoying to store – only as it would fall over all of the time SOoooo we got a bracket from mitre ten  ($6) and it hangs on it perfectly – takes up very little space and is easily accessible πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I can highly recommend it ! Read the reviews on the Mountain Buggy website regarding these – the Unirider is genuinely a very,  very useful thing to own! Cora is over being strapped in a pram and this is a very easy option for her little legs that tire easily on a good walk. 

You can purchase one for $149 and you can buy it here https://mountainbuggy.com/nz/Buy/unirider/unirider

And they are also at selected stockists in NZ (and around the world) so you can try it before you buy it πŸ‘πŸ»

Enjoy the outdoors 🌿 

Cheeky Wipes !Β 

I was given the opportunity to try these reusable wipes from Real Nappies.

I know that not everyone will be into this concept…. I wont go on because in all fairness there is not a HUGE amount to speak about here……….This is how they are prepared – SUPER easy!

Water, essential oil and immerse the wipes – easy !

Every nappy change I use these,Β  number ones and two’s…….

Now Beck is 14 months old and he is a normal baby and poops…..sometimes it is ‘teethy’ sometimes it is firm (ya know the drill….) And I have used them for every kind that has presented itself in the last 5 weeks.

Once dealt with – I rinsed them under the tap in our laundry and popped into a small bucket with Laundry Soaker from Figgy & Co – I use only a tiny scoop every day and when I put on a load of washing the cloths just go in with our normal washing (we also use Figgy & Co washing powder with impeccable results might I add) and they have been coming out of the wash perfectly white and bright and completely stain free!

If you were contemplating going down the washable wipes road I couldn’t recommend the Cheeky Wipes System more! And I LOVE not having to buy chemical filled baby wipes, well I haven’t bought them since these arrived (we do have a packet in our bag for when we go out admittedly) But just like our cleaning products situation – I can just make up more !! It is fabulous being less reliant on the supermarket !

The Christmas Edit

Christmas is 6 weeks away……this needn’t bring sweat to your palms as I have some ideas.

Now we are all in different situations financially, and we all have different amounts of children and people to buy for at Christmas!! So I will give you a few ideas to have a look at anyway, Layby is an option I often choose as I do not have money lying around all of the time (dreams are free!).

In our family we usually do a secret santa for the adults with a price limit of $40 or $50 that way everyone gets one nice gift and we all get the children a present each. BUT I must stress that we are not a big family – I do not have masses of nieces and nephews to buy for (and I wouldn’t if I did!).

For my own children I am going with the ‘Want’, ‘Need’, ‘Wear’ and ‘Read’.Β  As I buy things all year around I have made Christmas about Family getting together more than presents.Β  I know that a lot of people do not buy things so often throughout the year and Christmas is about both Presents and Family !! And that is fine too !! I am just explaining my minimalist approach to Christmas for my families Christmas.

I have purchased these wee gift tags above from Love From Seventeen which are for our children’s gifts – and they which I will reuse every year and they will go into our Christmas Box which is from Keeps and is a beautiful keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.


Now I could list EVERYTHING I am getting my kids but that would take up your whole evening to read it. And this isn’t about me …….

Instead I will list some cool present ideas. Β I will be listing only one or two items per store but I urge you to check out the rest of the items on their websites as there is so much goodness to be found !

Now I do not do ‘Elf on the shelf’ elves as they freak me out (you know the little creepy ones πŸ˜‚)Β  BUT this is my version !! This is a Hazel village friend from Dapper Mr Bear wearing the Elf Costume you can also get. Β The Elf costume will be put in our Christmas box and pulled out year after for a fun family tradition. AND these two produsts below are simply beautiful – timeless and neutral…….

I am pretty excited that ooh-noo is coming to Dapper Mr Bear – all of the details for the above two products are here.

eye-spies-from-hape-e1003_1_zoomΒ These Eye Spies from The Wooden Toy Box are so flipping cool, I remember as a child having one similar to this ! And I LOVED it !! They are wooden and for $5 each I think they are rad……..! They have a large range of toys to suit many budgets.

Now I have posted about these Grimms toys before (but truly) these beautifully crafted wooden toys are the most played with item in our home. Not the cheapest items however they have been worth 10x that in play time – and they are only a less than a year old, there are many more adventures to be had these babies as the kids get older! They are all available from The Fine Toy Co .

This beautiful creature above is Florence Bunny she is absolutely divine and would make an extremely special gift. She is available from Beau Monde Babe. Along with many beautiful items for your children to wear like this beautiful piece below by Tutu Du Monde is incredibly beautiful – and available here.


Now these are on my wishlist !!! I am a horse lover – and these are beautiful !!! Available from Little Whimsy along with many other cute and different present ideas.



This is Simon – I have him in our soft toy collection because he is amazing ! Β He is a great size and very substantial – a true heirloom gift.Β  He is available from Dapper Mr Bear


Do your kids need hair ties (Cora’s favorite ones are from here) or do your kids need a book bag ?
These beauties are available here from Bean Sprout Store


These Beautiful ponchos for the beach and pool this summer from Ottoloom are devine !!Β Custom made for Ottoloom using their hand loomed Zanzibar weave with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, they are a ethical and planet friendly choice !



Now this beauty below is on my ‘WANT’ list for the children – I adore it !! One day ! But truly if you are looking for a big ticket item this is very cool – Cora would make many things for us to eat if she has this !Β  Monkey Kids Store have some other very cool toys as well – so check out their web store here






I am going to post a few ideas for us because we are so awesome and deserve a wee something too.


This currently happens to be on sale (Dearest Husband please take note) But this Ottoloom towel is on my want list !!

And this too!!!


Available here from Ethique !! Cruelty Free, Planet friendly and Natural – BIG fan right here ……………


Now I have just run out of my stash of this The Skin Kitchen Detox Bath Salts from Do No Harm – and it is such a beautiful product that I am hoping it ends up under the tree !!

Much like my favourite product EVER below the Eco Tan Face Tan Water will never NOT be in my cupboard you can buy it from Natural Things here



Now I know as Mumma’s and Daddies – we can and do often get carried away with gifts and overwhelming amounts of ‘STUFF’ – I would rather spend our hard earned money on products that will be well loved and long lasting – and support small businesses than line the pockets of massive companies πŸ™‚

“Buy Less, Choose Well”

  • Vivienne Westwood